At St. Martinville High School, we take pride in our academic 
          curricula. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing the best and  
          most appropriate learning opportunities for our students.  SMSH offers a 
    variety of college preparatory courses as well as courses in business 
           and technology that help our students prepare for life after high school.

" Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind." - Malcom Forbes- 


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Cy Dugas

ext. 3732

Maureen Molbert

ext. 3737

Jade Thomas

ext. 3739

Amber Dupuis

ext. 3733

Karen Dupont

ext. 3708


K Benjamin

ext. 3755

Bethany Duplechain

ext. 3756

Ihmaru Jones

ext. 3762

Sport Johnson

ext. 3735

Courtney Underwood

ext. 3767







Emily Conn

ext. 3719

Brandon Fontenot

ext. 3757

Molly Oehl

ext. 3722

Cody Short

ext. 3725

Frances Shaw

ext. 3726




Nicholas Dupuis

ext. 3734

Social Studies

Damon Derouen

ext. 3720

Michael Lemoine

ext. 3723

Kevin O'Brien

ext. 3763

Kyle Poirier

ext. 3764

Leslie Schexnaider

ext. 3766


Physical Education

Vincent Derouen

ext. 3769

Lucinda Darby

ext. 3749

Carroll Delahoussaye

ext. 3748


Wendi Kilgore

ext. 3715

Joseph Pierre

ext. 3745

Pam Stelly

ext. 3727

Dawn Trimble

ext. 3740

Freda Romero

ext. 3765

Special Education

Roddy Chiasson

ext. 3772

Rachel Schmidt

ext. 3746

Doris Hebert

ext. 3761

Mark Cuneo

ext. 3747